G7 Leaders Pulled the Plug on Doral

The story being fed to the media, by the White House, is that Turmp dropped his bid to hold the 2020 G7/8 at his Doral golf resort because of pressure from Republicans. Trump, as usual, blames it publicly on the Democrats. I see no reason to believe either story. He doesn’t care what the Democrats think about anything, and the Republicans have shown they don’t have the courage, or desire, to criticize him for any of his personal grifting. Moscow Mitch, and the rest of the GOP, are all up to their necks in their own corruption, so they have every reason to normalize Trump’s self dealing. I don’t believe they pressured him privately. That was just a less humiliating excuse than the truth.

I think what really happened is that some of the G7 leaders let him know, through diplomatic channels, that they could not attend a G7 summit if it meant they were paying him personally. He doesn’t care what Democrats think, or even Republicans, if he’s making a buck. The idea of being humiliated publicly by other world leaders, however, is something his ego couldn’t handle. Most of the current leaders in the G7 would not have wanted to participate in Trump’s corruption. At least one of them let him know that.

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