Are Depositions Normally Held in Public?


Fact: Depositions are never taken in public. The most important reason is that you don’t want witnesses to be able to sync their testimony. It is the same reason Trey Gowdy took depositions in private during the Benghazi hearings. It is the same reason law enforcement that law enforcement interview multiple witnesses or suspects individually in separate rooms. The current House rules for these hearings were written in January of 2015, by the Republican majority, and enacted by John Boehner. The Republicans are lying about this not being normal process because they don’t want to talk about the substance.

It is also fiction that Republicans have no access to the depositions. All the members of the three committees taking depositions have access. They can be there for all the depositions and can ask questions. That includes 39 Republican congressmen.

Graham is gaslighting the public with his resolution, and comparing this impeachment inquiry to Nixon and Clinton is deliberately misleading. In both instances they had independent/special prosecutors who conducted this part of the process in private. This time it’s up to the House to do it themselves.

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