Just Another Gift to Putin

Trump claims his primary reason for withdrawing US troops from northern Syria was to keep his campaign promise to get the United States out of endless wars, and bring our troops home. This is a lie on so many levels. It was just another gift to Putin.

First, the troops are not coming home. Some are being moved to northern Iraq, while others are moving further south in syria to guard oil fields. We could risk our troops to protect our allies, but we can risk them to protect oil? Also, the number of US troops in the middle east is rising, with 3,000 being rented out to the Saudis. Trump’s actions have greatly increased the likelihood of an ISIS resurgence, and the need for more US troops to be sent to the region.

to the region.

Secondly, nothing Trump has done in the last week will contribute to ending an endless war, or reduced the risk to US troops. In fact, it is now much more likely that the US will be forced into a greater conflict in the region, with Pompeo threatening military action against Turkey, while we have a base there with 50 nuclear weapons. The risk to our troops has also been greatly increased in any future conflicts. Who will ever want to ally with a country with no morals, and no loyalty, whose word is worthless.

The Kurds lost 11,000 fighters, with 23,000 injured, while fighting ISIS for the United States. They killed or captured 100,000 ISIS fighters. The US abandoned them and given the land they held to Turkey, Assad and Putin. If Erdogan’s Arab militias, full of former ISIS and Al Qaeda, don’t wipe them out, Assad and Putin will, once they have divided their land up with Erdogan.

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