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Kelly Proves He is Nothing More Than Another Trump Sycophant

During the daily White House briefing on Thursday, General Kelly made a statement. He confirmed that Trump did indeed say “he knew what he was getting into” in his conversation with a Gold Star widow. He also confirmed that previous presidents had called or wrote to the families of fallen soldiers. Yet he had no criticism of Trump for lying about what he said, and politicizing the situation by lying about Obama. Instead, he launched into a full-out attack on the person who had told the truth. Many have insisted that Kelly is the savior protecting them from Trump’s insanity. Today he proved I was right all along. He is nothing more than another Trump sycophant.

Somehow, Kelly managed to turn Trump’s disrespect for Gold Star families into – anyone criticizing Trump is disrespecting Gold Star families. Although his statement confirmed Rep Frederica Wilson (D-FL) had told the truth, he launched into a personal attack on her. He accused her of politicizing the situation and of listening into the call. The call happened in a car on the way to pick up Sgt. Johnson’s body. She was his mentor, and for all intents and purpose, is part of the family. The Master Sergeant in the car had the call from Trump on speakerphone so everyone could hear. Furthermore, his accusation took a Trump-like lack of self-awareness, since he had already admitted that he listened in on other end of the call.

Noticeably Kelly never mentioned Wilson by name. Instead he repeatedly referred to her an “empty barrel.” His disrespect for her was stunning. He also referred to the Gold Star controversies at the conventions, seemingly referring to the Khan family, who he doesn’t think should have the right to be political, like he was being today.

Kelly went on to say: “When I was a kid growing up, a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred and looked upon with great honor. That’s obviously not the case anymore as we see from recent cases.” It was obvious, however, that he was not referring to his boss’s display’s of disrespect for women, Gold Star families and POWs. His targets were Weinstein, a black congresswoman and a Muslim Gold Star family. While he showed lots of empathy for Trump, referring to him as “brave,” he displayed no empathy for the Johnson family. There was no apology to them, no mention of their grief.

Kelly is a Gold Star parent, and was a 4-Star General. He deserves all the respect in the world for that service while he is acting like a General, as he did in the first part of his statement with a description of the process for recovering fallen troops. However, when he starts acting like a political hack, he deserves to be treated as a political hack. In the second part of his statement, he repeated Trump’s lies and railed indignantly about all the things that stunned him. Not once did he acknowledge that every one of them applied to his boss. Apparently Kelly was not stunned when Trump attacked a Gold Star family, when he called McCain and all POWs losers, or when he disrespected women.

The facts are obvious. His boss politicized the situation to deflect from an awkward question. No one is accusing him of deliberately disrespecting Sgt. Johnson’s widow, but his comments obviously offended her. All he had to do was apologize, thank her for her husband’s service, and move on. Instead, Trump did what he always does. He doubled down, lied about what he said, and blamed someone else. A General would not ignore those facts, a political hack would.

If General Kelly’s treatment of immigrants, while at the Department of Homeland Security, didn’t convince you that he is not part of a firewall to save America from Trump’s madness, maybe his self-righteous ranting in this statement will. General Kelly is now Chief of Staff Kelly. He is not in that position to save us from Trump. He is in that position because his political views are the same as Trump’s.

Wil Donnelly


Update – 10/20/2017

Full video of Frederica Wilson’s 2015 FBI speech shows Kelly lied about that too.

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