Christian Hypocrisy

The Hypocrisy of Right-Wing Christians

The mainstream media rarely ever calls a Christian who commits an act of terror a terrorist, let alone a radical Christian terrorist. I presume the reason is that they don’t want to offend the majority of their audience. This disparity in coverage has only encouraged the hypocrisy of right-wing Christians. When I first sent the tweets below, the intention was to expose that hypocrisy, and while the responses were predictable, the depth of the hypocrisy was stunning. Repeatedly, they made excuses for Christian killers, without ever applying the same standard to Muslims.

The pictures included were intended to provoke a specific response. Give them a shovel to dig themselves a hole, and see how or if they dug their way out. I already knew that right-wing Christians like to paint the entire Muslim religion with sins of a few, but have a very different to reaction when it is someone who shares their religion. Instead, they simply disown them as Christians.

The response to the first was overwhelming, with over 100 thousand retweets. It was also very predictable – they are not Christians. While it is true that none of these killers committed their crimes in the name of Christianity, they all came from Christian families. These same people do not judge Muslim killers by their past observance of their religion. After all, most of the Paris attackers had extensive criminal pasts. Not exactly an indication they were devout Muslims. But to right-wing Christians they are Muslims because they were born Muslims, and from Muslim families.

The second tweet was to see the response to terrorists who actually professed they were committing their crimes in the name of Christianity. After all, both the Planned Parenthood shooter and the abortion doctor killer were devout Christians who claimed to be doing God’s work. The Kansas bomb plotters said they were on a “crusade.” This time the response was much more muted from the right, but those who did respond had the same talking point excuse. Since they killed, they are not Christian. Yet they still believe Muslims who kill are still Muslim, even though most of their victims are Muslim.

Confronted with that fact, they said the difference was that Islam teaches Muslims to kill, the Bible doesn’t. A response I was prepared for, sending them this graphic of a couple of verses from their bible.

I was immediately informed that the Old Testament wasn’t really part of their Bible. A strange response from the same people who love to quote the Old Testament when it backs the beliefs they already have on things like gay rights.

It is always entertaining to watch right-wing Christians reinvent their religion, especially when they are unaware the person they are talking to grew up in a Christian family, went regularly to church, Sunday school and Bible class, and knows the truth of what the Bible actually teaches. Granted, I have never read the version they seem to follow, where they have reinvented God in their own image.






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