This is not normal.

This is Not Normal

Right from the beginning of the primary process, it was obvious this was not a normal election. The party of free trade was suddenly anti-globalization. There was an unprecedented move by the Senate to simply refuse to even give a hearing to the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Disqualifying actions and words had no effect, while the media drew false equivalence between improperly handled emails and fraud, corruption and sexual assault. A foreign government intervened in the election with no response from the GOP. One candidate used the Nazi tactics of Goebbels, accusing his opponent of everything he was guilty of, and discredited every branch of American government. Federal law enforcement weighed in with an unprecedented move to sway the election. This is not normal.

If anyone of these thing had happened in a previous election, it would have been extraordinary, but for all of it to happen simultaneously requires years of planning and coördination. Anyone who thinks this was just a weird election, and the pendulum of democracy will swing back in 4 years is living a fantasy. This was a capitalist, fascist takeover of democracy, aided by corporate media, the FBI and police unions, all the ingredients needed for an autocracy to survive. They used white supremacy and fear of globalization to win over working class whites as they knew their ability to hold onto power was diminishing with the changing demographics of the United States. If you think it can’t happen here, just take a look at what has already happened in Poland, the Philippines and Turkey.

Democracy was only useful to the GOP while it guaranteed white power. The idea that the Republican Party would embrace a candidate openly supported  by Putin would have been unthinkable a few years ago. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The GOP saw in Russia and Putin’s power grab, a template for how they and the 1% of Americans they represent, could stay in power. There was some infrastructure America was missing to pull it off, like a state-run media and a partisan law enforcement.

The GOP been laying groundwork for this misinformation campaign for years with right-wing internet websites offering propaganda, conspiracy theories and fake news. Simultaneously, right-wing radio and Fox News did their thing. Once they realized they could convince millions of people that their President was a foreign muslim, they know they were gullible enough for their master plan. Hired experts 2 finish it off, and who better than the Russians.

Anyone who thinks this was just a weird election and the pendulum of democracy will swing back in 4 years is living a fantasy. The reason this election didn’t seem normal is because it wasn’t normal so there are no normal solutions. It wasn’t an election, it was a takeover.

Trump used Goebbels’ tactics to accuse his opponent of

  1. Being corrupt to distract from Trump’s fraud with Trump University
  2. Mishandling emails to distract from the fact Trump businesses had destroyed emails and documents in multiple lawsuits against his businesses
  3. Possibly exposing classified info to Russia in case his ties to Putin, Russian Oligarchs and banks were exposed
  4. Being abusive to women to distract from his misogyny
  5. Husband’s sexual assault and rape to distract from charges they knew would break of his sexual assault and rape
  6. Nefarious ties with foreign governments to distract from Trump’s ties to Russia, China, and many more.
  7. Foundation of being corrupt to distract from Trump’s foundation which was illegal, being used to pay political bribes, pay bills and purchase personal gifts
  8. Being a bigot to distract from Trump’s white supremacist and eugenics beliefs
  9. Rigging the election to cover the fact that he was rigging the election with help from the media, Putin, FBI, Congress and state legislators












Once u confirm u can convince millions of people that their President is a foreign muslim, u know they r gullible enough 4 ur masterplan

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