Who is the Healthiest Presidential Candidate

Who is the Healthiest Presidential Candidate?

Questions have resurfaced on who is the healthiest presidential candidate. Carl Paladino questioned her mental health in an email to Buzzfeed. Paladino is the New York Co-Chair for the Trump campaign. Paladino joins Trump, his surrogates, and Sean Hannity in pushing this conspiracy theory. Showing a video of Clinton joking around with reporters. Hannity used his medical expertise to diagnose that she was having a seizure. While Karl Rove first suggested that Clinton had sustained a brain injury in 2014, the National Inquirer resurrected the story recently. Since it is owned by a closed friend, Trump relies on the National Inquirer for the important news stories of the day.

Clinton fell at her home in December 2012, while suffering from dehydration cause by the flu, according to a statement released by the State Department. She suffered a concussion and had double vision for a short time. As a result, follow-up exams revealed a blood clot in her head, requiring blood thinners and another hospital stay. She  returned to work a few weeks later. Clinton’s doctor released the letter 2 years after Clinton’s fall, stating that she had fully recovered from that fall, and was in “excellent” health. Furthermore, she gave 13 hours of testimony before Congress after recovering. Hannity was unable to show any footage from that testimony to prove his diagnosis.

The letter from Clinton’s doctor was on real letterhead, using real medical terminology. It detailed her medical history and concluded she was in “excellent” health. Meanwhile, Trump produced a bizarre letter with a hand-typed letterhead, claiming he would be the healthiest president ever. The letter stated that all his tests were positive. Trump’s letter was from a doctor specializing in  the digestive system, not an internist. In medical terminology, positive results show that Trump suffers from every disease he tested for. I hope he can hang on until October.


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