Melting Ice in Greenland May Expose Nuclear Waste at Camp Century

Melting Ice in Greenland May Expose Nuclear Waste

Camp Century was a U.S. military research center in Greenland, abandoned almost 50 years ago. The under-ice base was officially a research station. In reality it was home to a covert project called Project earth. The base had its own nuclear reactor, with the aim of being capable of launching nuclear missiles at Russia from tunnels beneath the ice. Now the melting ice cap is melting and threatening to reveal its secrets. Nuclear waste, and other pollutants, are still there.

The nuclear reactor was removed, but nuclear waste by-products and other contaminates are still buried there. These include the contaminated water used cool the reactor and electrical waste with metal contaminates. The increasing rate of ice melt may open up this covert to the public much sooner than anyone ever expected.

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