Turkey Issues Arrest Warrant for Gulen

Turkey Issues Arrest Warrant for Gulen

President Erdogan of Turkey has issued an arrest warrant for Gulen following the failed coup attempt. Fettulah Gulen is a self-imposed exile from Turkey who now lives in Pennsylvania. He has been accused by President Erdogan of Turkey of being the mastermind behind the recent failed coup attempt. Gulen is an influential Islamic cleric and was a close ally of Erdogan until the two split in 1999. He then fled to the United States. Erdogan blamed Gulen publicly for having orchestrated the coup and demanded that President Obama extradite him from the United States.

President Obama responded by informing Erdogasn that we do things a little differently in the United States. He told him that he did not have the authority to grant his request. If Turkey wanted Gulen back in Turkey they would have to issue a warrant for his arrest, and provide evidence of probable cause so the State Department and Justice Department could review them and make a decision. Today the Turkish government began that process by issuing a warrant for Gulen. Meantime, Mr. Gulen continues to live in his compound in Pennsylvannia and denies any involvement in the attempted coup.

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