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Ryan Lochte Found Guilty by American Media

The American media found Ryan Lochte and three other US swimmers guilty today, after a press conference by Brazilian police. I’m not sure if they were listening to the same press conference as I was. The Brazilian authorities did say no robbery took place, but they then went on to describe the robbery. They said a security guard at the store, who happened to be an moonlighting Rio police offer, pointed a gun at the swimmers and demanded money. In most countries that is a robbery, though it seems it is business as usual in Brazil.

There is no doubt the four swimmers were under the influence, and alleged to have urinated in public and vandalized a bathroom. When they told their story they left out those details. The story about being robbed, however, was true regardless of what the Rio police want to call it.

Aug 20, 2016 Update:

In an interview, aired during Olympic coverage on NBC, Matt Lauer spoke with Ryan Lochte. It was the equivalent of walking up to someone laying on the street, already beaten up by someone else, then kicking them in the head knowing they couldn’t defend themselves. Knowing he had Lochte over a barrel, too embarrassed to defend himself, Lauer told Lochte that a man pointing a gun at him and demanding money was not a robbery. In fact he insisted it was the very definition of making a deal. So when Matt Lauer negotiated his contract with NBC did his agent have a gun pointed at the NBC executives when they made that “deal”? Has Matt Lauer ever been pulled over for speeding when the police pointed a gun at him and made a “deal” for $100 in cash instead of a ticket? Deals are made in business every day of the week, but they are not called deals when one of the parties involved has a gun pointed at the other. You negotiate a deal, but you cannot negotiate with a gun. This was another shining example of the ethics in our media today. This is a story of an immature, intoxicated, young man who did something stupid. It happens every day. To placate the Brazilians and for ratings, Lauer wants to make Lochte’s misdemeanors into the crime of the century, while ignoring the fact that an armed robbery took place. He even suggested Lochte might be barred for life from the sport. Lauer is the one who should lose his job for inept, opportunistic “journalism.”


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